Stop – VAWIP

 Stop – Violence Against Women In Politics; stop – VAWIP is a campaign supported by National Democratic Institute. The objective of the campaign is to facilitate measures that will address root causes of violence against women in private and public space which ripples to their participation in decision making in public and private space. To this end, NDI supported JDPC to carry out campaigns on the need to pass the Violence Against Persons Prohibition in Ondo State through, media advocacy; via live radio/phone in programme, jingles and PSAs, community engagement through town hall meeting and town crier for women to Get – Out – The – Vote, during Ondo State Gubernatorial Election. Through the sensitization, all the local government areas of the state was visited … advocacy visit to community leaders, women leader, youth leader and residents were engaged.

During the governorship election, a survival service center was set up for referral from electorate to report incidence of violence (economic, physical, sexual, psychological, threat and coercion). The centre served as a central point for all operations, including where incidents of violence against women from the hotlines (080 0000 7777) are tracked and crucial support and response were provided to victims of gender – based electoral violence.

The Ondo Women Advocacy Agenda is an output of a commissioned survey which provided insight on potential next steps of engagement with various stakeholders to enhance the participation of women in politics and civic engagement. Findings of the research revealed four priority areas for women in Ondo State and are:

  • Education – Empowerment
  • Women Political Participation
  • Health Care
  • Affordable and Safe Water