List of Services offered

Currently, we execute projects covering:

Protection and promotion of the rights of indigent persons on civil, criminal, tenancy and other matter. Through television and radio programmes, community sensitisation, legal representation, legal aid, advocacy visits to duty bearers in relation to fundamental human rights, police station monitoring; to ensure suspects are not kept in police cell beyond the provisions of the law, prison visitation to pick cases of awaiting trial inmates. Other issues handled under this aspect are reduction of harmful widowhood practices, training of police officers, prison personnel and magistrate (These activities are supported by Misereor Aachen Germany).

We do community development whereby we train rural dwellers on good governance and accountability, building and renovation of structures which include classroom block, clinics, school toilets, community toilets, hand dug wells, garri processing machine, supply of 180 desks and chairs, palm oil processing machine, a set of computer system (This is supported by Action Aid Nigeria (AAN))


 For improved food security and livelihood, we work in 10 communities of four local governments in the state. This we do through training of rural farmers on sustainable system of agriculture, which include CRSA, multiplication of yam seedling for improved yields, training on sowing tomatoes, pepper, watermelon, cucumber and carrots. In addition to this we have trained them on advocacy skills which they use to engage the government for their interest to reflect in the state agriculture budget. These farmers are have also being formed into cooperatives (Smallholder Women Farmers Network) at the local level and Small – Scale Women Farmers Association in Nigeria (SWOFON) at the state and National Level[1]. 

For a secured tomorrow, we carry out activities to improve the well fare of children in six local government of the state, where we work in 15 rural communities. We sensitise children on their rights and responsibilities through human right clubs, seminars and trainings or livelihood skills. The parents, school councillors and teachers are also included in the process, whereby they are trained on better ways to handle the issue of children. To this we engage duty bearer to ensure that the child rights law in the state is implemented. We also do rallies to sensitise the public on the need to protect the rights of children. 
Achievements and successes 

Through advocacy skill rendered to communities some were able to get these projects from the government

  • Ilado got electricity,
  • Ikota got electricity and,
  • Wasimi got a health centre, which is yet to be staffed

From 2005 till date, we support over 1,500 pupils and students annually with dictionary, exercise and text books, towels, toothpaste, soap dish, mathematical set, materials for art work etc.

From 2015 till date we have represented 82 inmate, 36 of these cases have been concluded, 9 cases were concluded out of court using ADR mechanism while 37 cases are ongoing.

We worked with the ministry of justice to review the criminal justice law which is now the Administration of Criminal Justice (ACJ) law.

We have reduced harmful widowhood practise in six rural communities of the state.

We have 15 human right clubs in secondary schools across the state, with an average of 1,234 members.